Vorbereitung und Begleitung

Preparation and Mentoring

We, our partners in the projects and former volunteers prepare and assist the volunteer before, during and after the volunteer service according to the guidelines of the ww-programme.


During the preparation we look at our personalities, at the international aspect of Church and look at our world in terms of social policy. These are the main topics of the preparation seminaries:

  • motivation and personality development
  • the issue of the “One World”
  • awareness for intercultural aspects and conflict management
  • organization of the volunteer programm and country-specific information

The elements of “living together”, “praying together” and “working together”, which are the trademark of the MaZ-programme. are already integrated in the preparation. Former volunteers report about their experience and support the new volunteers with useful tips and tricks.


The volunteers have individual mentors at home as well as abroad. During the seminar abroad, which is usually around January or February, the volunteer has the opportunity to meet with other volunteers in the area, to exchange experiences and reflect in her mother tongue. This seminar is made possible through the cooperation with other sending organizations.

Coming back is also a decision that has to be made: this is why the seminars after the return from abroad to one’s home country are a binding part of the volunteer programme. The volunteers look back at their experiences, process them and look ahead at their next steps in their home country with a changed view of the world and look for impulses, how they can continue committing themselves to a better and just world.

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